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Photography adds so much value to our lives – by recording special events, people, and places, while also helping us learn and grow as people. It allows you to share your life and experiences in meaningful ways, and it allows you to engage and have fun with other people.


Our group here at Manvers is friendly and open to all ages and all abilities. There is something for everyone, be it beginners or experienced photographers, all are catered for, with a monthly learning element and workshops planned around the monthly topic. Come along and enjoy a photography workshop in a relaxed friendly environment with like-minded people.

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We are photographers who like to learn, improve, and share our skills and experiences with others while having some fun along the way. 

We are not experts – but we have expertise in most genres of photography and camera craft, and hope to meet others here at Manvers Waterfront Boathouse Club who shares the same outlook who will join us and share their knowledge, skills, and ability with the group.

So, come along and take those first steps on your personal, supported photography journey, everyone is welcomed.

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Each month we feature a different monthly topic. Details of the month ahead can be found for the on the booking page.

Friday night: 6:00 - 8:00pm 

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