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Why not join us for some wild swimming? Open water swimming has some fabulous benefits. Not only is it good for your physical and mental health, it can be a great thrill if carried out in a safe, fun and responsible way.


It is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Once hooked you may even want to take part in a triathlon, take a challenge for charity or just use it as a great way to keep fit and healthy. If you’ve had enough of lane ropes, chlorinated water, congested lanes or if you love the outdoors or always enjoy swimming on holiday then why not give it a go?

Male swimmer.jpg
Male swimmer.jpg


Manvers Lake has some of the best facilities in the country for open water swimming. We have clean clear water all year round, showers and changing facilities, slipway access to the water and a clearly marked swim course.

How good a swimmer do I need to be?

As with many sports open water swimming does have risks. If you are a confident swimmer and regularly lane swim for more than 20 minutes you should be OK to swim. Our “Open to all” sessions are lifeguarded - have safety cover and briefings (only available in the summer season). The swimming circuits on the lake are either 400m or 800 metres (equivalent to 16 or 32 lengths of a normal pool), although shorter distance swims are also possible. Many of our swimmers choose to swim breaststroke which is perfectly fine but if you want to improve your strokes speed and stamina we often have coaches who will help you.


For safety reasons you will need to complete an induction* and be assessed before being allowed to swim on the daily sessions. Please wear a brightly coloured hat for all sessions. Wetsuits are not mandatory but you must have a tow float if you don't wear one. 

* Please note: There is a small charge for these. Only available summer season.


We have sessions every morning 365 days a year, although the timings vary slightly according to the time of year. The summer season generally runs from mid April to September depending on water temperature and conditions. More experienced swimmers continue to swim at Manvers Lake all year round.


Summer Season Only:

Lifeguarded “Open to all” sessions: Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. They are for Non-Members wanting to try Open water swimming or existing members who are not Signed off. 

Members Only Sessions (who are signed off):

Monday to Sunday mornings, week day lunchtimes (when available) and Wednesday & Friday evenings. See webcollect swimming bookings page for session times, details, guidance and session rules.

Sign Off Assessment 

Any swimmer wishing to be assessed for signed off swimmer status MUST already be a current member of the club. You only need an assessment if you intend to swim at Non-Lifeguarded sessions.

Winter Season Only:

Over winter we have 'Private Coached Pool Sessions' available at Wath Leisure Centre. Please note there is a small charge for these.

Bookings are put onto Webcollect weekly – if the booking you are trying to make is not available yet,  please try booking later. Most of the booking slots for the week ahead are done on a Sunday evening.  

Wellbeing dipping

Open Water Dipping

Non members can try Open Water Dipping out of season via the following link

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