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Angling Rules

General Club Rules

  1.  All anglers must be in possession of a current Environment Agency license reflecting the number of rods to be used, up to a maximum of 4 rods which must be produced upon request by a club official or bailiff.

  2. No day tickets are allowed. You must be a member and book on a day session via webcollect.

  3. All fishing must be by rod and line. 

  4. All cars must be parked in one of the clubs 3 car parks and display current parking permits, disabled anglers may park at the lake side on the stoned area between the slipway and the blue footbridge to the right hand side. 

  5. No angler may carry any gun or knife which may be classed as an offensive weapon.

  6. All fish must be returned to the water, with the exception of fish taken as live or dead baits (for use on Manvers Waterfront Lake only), to do so may give rise to a civil or criminal prosecution under Schedule 1, Section 2 of the Theft Act. 

  7. Under no circumstances should any wildlife or bankside vegetation be interfered with. 

  8. Angling from the slipway area (from the line of rocks to the bridge adjacent to the boathouse) is not allowed between dawn and dusk. 

  9. All rods in use must be a maximum of 3m apart over the outer two rod butts and a maximum of100m apart over the outer baits. 

  10. Unattended rods must be removed from the water. 

  11. Any person fishing must remove any litter and discarded line and take it from the lakeside to preferably one of the skips in the main car park or home upon leaving. 

  12. Fishing or camping is not allowed on either of the two islands. 

  13. Due to the variance in the bankside conditions all anglers must be in possession of a landing net.

  14. We are obliged by the Environment Agency to remove catfish from the lake and ask that any caught are placed in the retaining tank situated in front of the boathouse on the blue bridge side. Should assistance be required, temporarily sack it up and email Tom Hill on:

 Angling Rules

  1.  Any keep net must be a minimum of 2m long x 1.2m in circumference and be of suitable mesh. 

  2. All hooks must be micro barbed or barbless, crushed barbs are allowed on trebles. 

  3. Carp and Pike must not be retained in keep nets. 

  4. Carp and Pike anglers must be in possession of suitable and fit for purpose unhooking equipment and un-hooking mat. 

  5. Particle baits are allowed, but must be fully prepared prior to use. 

  6. Carp and pike anglers must use a minimum of 15lb breaking strain line. 

  7. Pike anglers must use suitable wire traces for bait and lure fishing. 

  8. Live bait and dead bait fishing is allowed between October 1st and March 31st all live baits must have been caught on the lake and the maximum size allowed is 150mm, under no circumstances should any carp be used as live or dead baits. Any unused live baits must be returned to the water. 

  9. Lure fishing is allowed at all times. 

  10. Pike anglers bait fishing must have suitable bite indication in the form of either a non-tether ledger rig with electronic bite alarm and drop indicator or clearly visible surface float. 

Boat Fishing

  1. All boat owners should be in possession of a marine insurance certificate providing a minimum of £2m third party public liability, which must be produced upon request by a club official or bailiff.

  2. The safety of all water users is of paramount importance therefore the following must be strictly observed:

  3. No boat must cross or hinder swimmers using the lake. 

  4. Boat users must stay a minimum of 15m away from bank anglers. 

  5. All boats after launching on the slipway should vacate the vicinity quickly to avoid congestion. 

  6. After a launch the car and trailer should be returned to the car park and parked with the members parking permit clearly on display. 

  7. Boats must not be overloaded with anglers. 

  8. Petrol powered outboard motors are not allowed at all on the lake. 

  9. A buoyancy aid must be worn by every occupant of the boat at all times. 

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